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Linkages in Ecological Niche Populations ENPs * (see footnote below)  between high risk cancers, Type II Diabetes, renal failure etc & gene variants tagged as “rare” or “Variant of Unknown Significance” in European genomes

Nutrition and Ecological Niche Populations ENPs * (see footnote below)

Reference Human Genome and Health Disparities

Replacing racial and ethnic labels with DNA/ancestry & admixture ratios in relating to specific clusters of health disparities. 

Single Case Design and Precision Medicine

Study design to reduce health disparities in models of cancer progression, CVD, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, COVID-19

*DEFINITION of Ecological Niche Populations (ENPs): Genetic populations defined by the unique ecological niche to which their ancestors were adapted. These traits show up as mal-adaptations or health gaps in U.S. research studies on racial/ethnic disparities (e.g. high sodium retention is adaptation to low-sodium ancestral environment, which becomes high rates of hypertension in U.S.) 

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