Friday, November 20, 2020

   Welcome: Mark McLellan,Ph.D.,  Vice-President for Research & Innovation, UNT.


 Greeting from Department Host:  Professor Jennifer Wallach, Chair, UNT Department of                                                        History, author of Getting What We Need Ourselves: How Food Has Shaped  African                                                      American  Life   

RECORDED:  Introduction:  Constance B. Hilliard, Ph.D.," Six Overlooked Hurdles to Achieving Diversity in Genomic Research" 
















KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Patrick J. Stover, Ph.D.
                               "Population Heterogeneity and Human Nutrition – Where do we go from here?"​

 WORKSHOP SESSION I:  Kim D. Pruitt, Ph.D. 

                           "From Consents to SNPs: An Overview of NCBI’s Network of HumanGenetic Resources and                                    data access"      

                         Workshop Description: To understand the suite of human genetic resources that support FAIR                                  data sharing including GenBank, the Sequence Read Archive (SRA), the Human Reference                                        Sequence, population and clinical variation (SNP and ClinVar), the Database of Genotypes and                                Phenotypes (dbGaP; including consents and controlled access to data), and metadata resources                           (BioProject, BioSample).

   WORKSHOP SESSION II: Shannon J. McCall, M.D.

                               Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Protection Human Subjects, Required Certification, P                                             Protocols, Recruiting, Consent, Confidentiality, HIPAA, Patient Safety, Tissue /Cell Repositories                                 Biobanks, Collaborations – whose IRB? “Protection of Human  Subjects Challenges in Basic,                                     Pre-clinical  and  Clinical Research: Responding to the Authentication Crisis”

 Subject Matter Session I:  Rick Kittles, Ph.D.

                                 Genetic Ancestry,  Stratified Populations, and Health Disparities 

 Subject Matter Session II:  Neil Hanchard, M.D.,  Ph.D.

                                “Why discoveries in the African Genome have the potential to benefit all of humankind”

                               Research capacity. Enabling the genomic revolution in Africa.

Subject Matter Session III:  Jeffrey Long, Ph.D.

                             "Nested Subsets of African Diversity as an Alternative to Race for Understanding Global Human                               Diversity."

 Subject Matter Session   IV:  Georgia Dunston, Ph.D.

                         "Genodynamics: Novel biophysical metrics for assessing SNPs in ancestral genomics                                                 research"

 Closing Plenary Session:  V: Chandra Donnell Carey, Ph.D.  

                       "Genomics: Shaping the Future of Health Equity in Medicine"


    RESEARCH TRAINEES ONLY:  " Education, Training Opportunities for the Pipeline High School through                                                                                     Postdoctorate"

Virtual-Live Special Interest Workshop by NSF Director Division of Graduate Education, Kim Barrett, Ph.D. and NIH Academy Director, Shauna Clark, Ph.D. 

Moderator: UNT Professor, Dean Honors College and Texas Academy Mathematics and Science, Glênisson de Oliveira, Ph.D.


 Opening Plenary Session: Xuexia Wang, Ph.D.

                                 "Adjustment for local ancestry in genetic association analysis of admixed populations"

 Subject Matter Session I:  Matthew Anderson, Ph.D.

                                “Approaching Native American communities on their own terms in microbiome research”.

  Subject Matter Session II: Bertha A. Hidalgo, Ph.D., MPH  

                             “Coronary Disease, Diabetes and Multi-factor in Ecological Niche Population-associated                                            Variants in Hispanic/Latino Health”

 Subject Matter Session III: Clinical/Medical   JudyAnn Bigby, M.D.

                           "What are the factors that account for racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes?" 


 Subject Matter Session IV: Alice B. Popejoy, Ph.D.

                             Precision Medicine requires precise measures and methods: Examining current                                                          perceptions  and  use of 'race, 'ethnicity' and 'ancestry' among clinical genetics professionals                                  researchers

 Subject Matter Session VI:  Sam Oh, Ph.D., MPH

                             Can Precision Medicine Benefit Minorities If They Are Not Studied With Precision

                             Diversity in Clinical and Biomedical Research: A Promise Fulfilled


​ Subject Matter Session V: Patricia Francis-Lyon, Ph.D. & Alexander Sobolevsky, Ph.D. 

                           “The structure and function of the calcium-selective channel TRPV6 and its possible role in                                       disease" 

Session VII Translational Speaker:  Marpu Sreekar, Ph.D. Chemistry, Materials Science

                            "Examining the Role of Nanomaterials and Optical Sensors for Genomics Research"



Closing Session: Pudur Jagadeeswaran, Ph.D

                  "How Tiny Zebrafish and their Surprisingly Human-Like Genome Can Benefit Medical Research"