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Transdisciplinary Ancestral Genomic Research Investigations (TAGRI)

The Conference Series:

ENVISIONED by Biomedical Translational Researcher, Dr. Denise Perry Simmons and INSPIRED by UNT Evolutionary Historian Professor Constance Hilliard's Ancestral Genomics Variant Theoretical Model & Equation (AGV TM&E), the 4-­‐year annual Conference Series focuses on trans-­‐disciplinary/-­‐ professional, and Community approaches to address genetic niche population health disparities challenges in the context of the Reference Human Genome.

Ecological Niche Populations (ENPs):

Ancestral genomics identified U.S. populations [African Americans of slave descent, Hispanic/Latinx Americans, Native Americans] Ancestral genomics identified global populations [To be determined as part of research study design for TAGRI-­‐III]

Series Research Goal Initiative: Advance measurable improvement of health equity in genetic niche populations.

Series Research Objective: Diversify Reference Human Genome

Series Specific Aims:

✓    1. Deliver education and awareness Initiative fundamentals to Initiative-­‐interested Creatives Stakeholders:2020 TAGRI-­‐I
►    2. Engage Initiative-­‐described genetic niche populations – 2021 TAGRI-­‐II
►    3. Form consortium for biospecimen and sequencing data
►    4. Obtain deadly-­‐six genomic sequences of Initiative-­‐described genetic niche population

The Conference Series led-­‐off with Pfizer Educational Grant and UNT Office of Research & Innovation funding of the 2020 Nov 20-­‐21 Inaugural TAGRI-­‐I Conference. Subject Matter Experts (SME) drove education, training and awareness discussions designed to lay the foundation for informing a select gathering of Creatives.  Research-­‐in-­‐Action Cognizant Think Tank Co-­‐Chairs (CTTC) laid the foundation for transition of TAGRI-­‐I Conference to empirical and applied research activity. These SME and CTCC delivered thoughts, approaches and methods to support as an outcome realized, tangible advances toward global health equity. WE BEGIN OUR TAGRI WITH AFRICAN AMERICANS OF SLAVE DESCENT.

Research-­‐in-­‐Action Think Tanks: (at website, select Think Tanks Tab)
The research-­‐in-­‐action Think Tank Session transitions the AGV TM&E to empirical testing, sought alternative hypotheses/models and translational outcomes and proposed review for health disparities language and policy changes.
The Session was chaired by Translational Biomedical Scientist Denise Perry Simmons, Ph.D., boasted Cognizant Co-­‐Chairs and was designed to foster collaborations, partnerships and Aims-­‐driven Proposal Applications to Funding, for which each Co-­‐Chair was given several Think Tank relevant, active Announcements to direct discussion.

Distinction of the Series from other Genomic Research Efforts:
Two distinctions: The proposed tangible Series outcomes will
■    capture six well-­‐described and reported diseases and conditions (deadly-­‐six) linked to the described genetic niche population-­‐based health disparities in U.S. GNP [breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, hypertension-­‐coronary disease,
■    Introduce new CEU*page3: Genomic Research Education &Training for Community (GNP modules) outreach-­‐ 2021 TAGRI-­‐III

2020 TAGRI-­‐I Delivered Outcomes:
■    2021 TAGRI-­‐II Platform Specific Methods Workshops, Active engagement of Community Health Workers, Community GNP
■    Cultivated new networks for 2021 TAGRI-­‐II invited speakers and new CEU* (page 3) for Genomics Research
■    Accessible The UNT Digital Library 2020 TAGRI Video Collection

2021 TAGRI-­‐II At -­‐a-­‐Glance
– Draft (where names appear, speakers have accepted)
Purpose: Active Engagement of “Agents of Change” to galvanize Specific Aim 4 -­‐ obtaining ancestral genomic sequences Date: 5-­‐6 November 2021
Host: Texas Tech University Health Sciences El Paso, TX (Active Letter TTU HSC Officials in 2020)
Title: 2021 TAGRI-­‐II: Actively Engaging the Community, Community Health Workers & Representatives, and Researchers



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