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Making Genomics Relevant to ALL
Join Scientists, Medical Researchers, Academicians & Community Advocates in Exploring these & Other Critical Research-in-Action Topics: 

  • Redefining political/medical/societal terminology: race vs ancestry, diversifying vs stratifying, "minority", pharmacogenomics vs racialized medicine, pharmaco-economics and Health Equity

  • Assessing ancestral genomic research outcomes in reducing population-biased health disparities and moving toward Populations Health Equity

  • Investigating Biosensor, Nano-agents, HIgh-throughput Screening Models to study new target sequences  and susceptibility genes ( e.g. TRPV6)

  • NIH and NSF Directors Special Pipeline Education and Training  Session

  • Exploring approaches, such as the Ancestral Variant Theoretical Model and Equation, to address Precision Medicine and Precision Nutrition



Our TRANSDISCIPLINARY ANCESTRAL GENOMICS RESEARCH INVESTIGATIONS (TAGRI Series) consists of 4 Annual Conferences, for which the inaugural Conference I was held on November 20-21, 2020.   


The three remaining TAGRI Conferences will further develop the work laid out in the first (click here for Conference I Recorded Sessions), which identified the unanticipated complexity caused by a growing realization that many human diseases are population-specific.  Our global aim is to develop and test innovative concepts and methodologies, which can be applied to better understanding the role genomic adaptation to unique ancestral environments  play in identifying population-specific disease susceptibilities. 


Stratifying the current Reference Human Genome will be the most effective way of expanding the benefits of modern genomic medicine to all demographic groups.   Therefore the goal of this TAGRI Conference Series is to provide improved, quality healthcare across racial and ethnic boundaries as a means of closing the health disparities gap. 




2021, Second Annual TAGRI Conference: Investigating Medical Paradoxes in Latino/Hispanic and Native Americans to be held in El Paso, Texas and hosted by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. 

2022, Third Annual TAGRI Conference: Investigating Cancer Medical Paradoxes in global populations, location to be determined.

2023, Fourth Annual TAGRI Conference: focus on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), quality maintenance, disease prevention and healthcare intervention, location to be determined.